90 Day Rule

Jun 19, 2023

by Ron Simplified Myers

There is a popular conversation about a woman waiting 90 days before she has sex with a man. The idea is it gives her a chance to get to know the man and then determine if he deserves her body.

Sounds to me like a woman is being taught to use her body as a negotiating tool. I am not going to tell anyone that the most valuable asset they will ever have (their body) should ever be shared because of a date on a calendar.

It would make sense that a woman would value herself more by not having sex so quickly and getting to know the man better than allowing anyone to use their body just because of the pleasure at the moment.

Many women have commented, "I regret sleeping with him so quickly, he wasn't worth it." I don't hear or witness many feelings of regret that they didn't sleep with him. With that said, there are exceptions and a few that ask, "I wonder would he have stayed if I had gone to bed with him?"

I will continue to stress, "Your body is not a negotiating tool!"

Trust me when I say, "No matter how good you are sexually, that will not make a man commit to you." It is true, sex may get him to keep you on the "side" if you are that good.

It is also being shared that after 90 days, a woman is playing with fire. She better get prepared on day 90 to make it happen. Every day after (90), she is setting him up to leave and go somewhere else.


Again, your body is not a negotiating tool, and do not allow anyone to use sex as a way to manipulate you into a relationship. At the same time, do not use your sex to manipulate others to get what you want. One more time: YOUR BODY IS NOT A NEGOTIATING TOOL!!!

Oh yeah, for those of you who think because you are not having sex with him, it means he is not having sex. Don't be naive. If a man likes you, in a lot of instances, that is why he will wait because he is getting his sex somewhere else.

Do not misinterpret what I just said. There are men that are committed to you and are not having sex with anyone else. They will wait with you until marriage if that is what you desire and he truly wants to be with you.

I will admit, it is a huge challenge and takes mental strength because this culture in which we live is teaching that sleeping around is normal. There is nothing wrong with it.

Amazing that all this freedom to just sleep around and not commit to anyone would make you think we are in a fulfilled society. Yet, there is more unhappiness, depression, suicide, etc. than ever. People are more hopeless than at any time. The reason, I believe is because we all want to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. This selfishness and not wanting to be held accountable is what is actually creating these emotions.


I believe we all want someone that we can depend on. In this culture and with this thinking, people are only about themselves and their desires. Is that someone you can trust and who has your back?

Something to think about...