Create A List To Attract The Right Man

Jun 12, 2023

by Ron Simplified Myers

Many will wonder why I would place "Creating a list to attract the right man" in the category of self-love. Be patient with me and read all the way through and it will make sense.

Most are being taught to create a list because it helps to element time spent with the wrong man. It is explained that a shopping list will keep you focused on what you are going to the store for and stop you from wasting time or buying things that are not needed.

Tip: Make sure you go shopping with a full belly or the list is not going to matter.

In relationships, it is supposed to help you avoid the empty stomach scenario and have clarity.

I have no issues with the list, but I believe it serves a different purpose.

Once the list is completed, a person will realize that they don't qualify for the person they created. If they did, they would be with them. (That was rude lol - continue to be patient with me).

I don't drink. If I told you I am looking for a partner that doesn't drink and I am hanging at "bars" trying to find her, you would look at me like I am crazy. The response I would get would sound something like, "Ron, why would you hang out where people "drink" to find someone that doesn't drink? Did you really think this through?"

Well, people do this every day. As a matter of fact, many will bring a person out of the bar who "drinks" and try to convince them to "stop." Then complain that they are having "relationship problems." You are supposed to. You are trying to change people. That is not your job. A person needs to get clear on what they want (the list can help) and then start to make adjustments with the only person they can change (YOU).

In this example, the change would be for me to stop going to the bars. The "change" is taking place in me, not looking for others to change. Hopefully, it makes sense now why I put creating a list in the self-love section.

It is about you making changes (as you dissect your list). You will then position yourself to attract what you call " the right person."

For me, I am into self-growth / development, so wouldn't it make sense that I attend events where this is taking place? What women are there? The ones going in the same direction I am heading.