Why Do Men Cheat

Jun 12, 2023

by Ron Simplified Myers

The conversation about why men cheat often centers around a lack of sexual excitement, but this is a myth. Studies show that the majority of men who cheat report being happy in their current relationships, and the decision to cheat often comes from external factors such as stress or opportunity.

In life, we do everything for 1 of 2 reasons. To avoid pain or to gain pleasure. After we move towards one of these emotions (take action), we will then justify it. It happens in the sales industry all the time. This is why advertisers promote the way that they promote.

They will pick 1 of these 2 reasons (emotions) and dig deep into the story they create. They know when they impact a person enough, they will take action even if it doesn't make sense. But once the action is taken, a person needs to justify their decision. Especially an action that they realize they should not have made.

Think about it, when someone is about to cheat, they are not thinking about the "pain" that could be attached to their action. An example would be losing their spouse, kids, and reputation. The only thing on their mind right now is the "pleasure" of the moment. The wrong parts of their body are making their decisions. They have allowed their brain to shut off.

After they take action, they need to justify what they did. They will come up with excuses like, we are not speaking, she doesn't give me sex as often as I'd like, etc.

The bottom line, the cheater made a decision that was in their best interest. So they don't want to be held accountable, so that is why they create what they call "reasons."

Digging deeper into this cheating idea, we recognize that our culture treats "cheating" like it is normal and a part of man's DNA and therefore can't be resisted or is his fault. This is the perfect example of a lack of accountability.

In a lot of instances, the root of most cheating is that guys are being "taught" since they were young, that having many partners makes you "The Man." Someone to be applauded. Sow your oats.

In other words, having many women equals "pleasure" and therefore having one equals "pain." At no time are most men taught loyalty and being committed to one woman.

Until a man makes the shift in thinking and starts to believe that having many women equals pain and having one equals pleasure, he will never be loyal.

Lastly, it's not just about men being taught to have many partners. Sometimes infidelity occurs due to unresolved issues within relationships, such as lack of emotional intimacy or unresolved conflicts. It's important for both partners to communicate and address their problems before cheating becomes an option

Loyalty and commitment are essential for a healthy relationship.