Shortage of Good Available Men

Jun 05, 2023

by Ron Simplified Myers

How many times have you said or heard the statement, "There is a shortage of good available men."

Well, first a person would have to clarify what a "Good Man" is. No two people will define it the same. Read my post on "Creating a list" to get this area addressed.

Once you get clear, you will understand that the shortage is automatic. Why? Most people will get eliminated. THAT'S GOOD!!

For many, this new "reality" will hurt some feelings because "most" will recognize that "Good Men" have always been around them. He is probably sitting in the "Friend Zone."

For most, they have been raised in a culture that makes them believe that relationships are supposed to be "hard." Not true.

So when they get a man that will do anything for them, they think something is wrong with him. He is too soft, wimpy, etc... The number one label used today, he is a "Beta Man."

This may sting for some, but when you figure out "THAT YOU ARE VALUABLE AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED WELL," you will accept nothing less than a man that treats you with the respect that you should want and definitely deserve.

If you bring "hard (confrontation) towards me, we will never start the journey toward an intimate connection.

Now don't mistake confrontation to mean we will not disagree. Give me 5 minutes and I will disagree with myself about something.

We are talking about red flags/deal breakers. The areas that too many people ignore because of outside stuff (money, cars, homes). You can follow the material path if you want, but you will always deal with the question, "Why does my life feel empty?" You may not say it to the world, but it is a depressing conversation when you are alone.